We strive ourselves to offer unparalleled service at an affordable price . Our network of Physicians are all licensed under the Florida Compassionate Care Act. They have the experience and expertise to give you the proper advice and recommendations.

Implementation Timeline

July 1, 2014    Office of Compassionate Use Established.
May 28, 2015    Florida Administrative Code Chapter 64-4 Final Rule Upheld. Effective on June 17, 2015.
July 8, 2015    Dispensing Organization Applications Accepted.
Nov. 23, 2015    Dispensing Organizations Announced
1. CHT Medical
2. Knox Medical
3.Modern Health Concepts
4. Surterra Therapeutics
5. Truelieve
Dec. 14, 2015    Challenges Received: 13 Administrative Petitions and 1 Counter Petition.
Feb. 5, 2016   
Five Dispensing Organizations Request Cultivation Authorization
Dispensing Organizations Granted Cultivation Authorization:
⚫ Surterra Therapeutics
⚫ Trulieve
⚫ Modern Health Concepts
⚫ CHT Medical
⚫ Knox Medical
Mar. 25, 2016    Governor Scott signs HB 307 into Law.
Apr. 6, 2016    The Green Solution (San Felasco Nursery) Approved as sixth dispensing organization.
July 12, 2016    All Dispensing Organizations Cultivating Cannabis.
July 11, 2016    Compassionate Use Registry Available.
July 22, 2016    Dispensing Began in Florida.
July-Oct. 2016    Processing and Dispensing Authorization Inspections.



FMMD’s doctors follow all medical marijuana laws in the state of Florida. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.


Medical Marijuana is a safe, effective treatment that is an excellent alternative to using pharmaceuticals.

Mission Statement

We aim to bring an alternative natural holistic approach to managing Medical conditions through the use of medical marijuana. Over the years we have worked endlessly to promote the benefits of medical marijuana over dangerous Pharmaceuticals. We have we made a cost effective platform for Florida Residents to obtain a medical marijuana recommendation.