Effect of Recreational Marijuana in Canada on the United States

02 Apr 2018 By

Recreational Marijuana
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The date for Canada’s recreational marijuana industry has already been pushed back from its previously intended July 2018 opening, but Canada is still well on its way to becoming the biggest market for recreational Marijuana in the world.

Canada has been one of the most progressive countries for marijuana use for many years, which will surely continue in 2018.

Along with this, the effects of recreational marijuana in Canada stretch further than its own boundaries.

Being so close in proximity to the United States, there is sure to be an impact on the US from Canada’s pending legalization.

Let’s take a closer look at the effect of legalized recreational marijuana in Canada, on the United States!

Economic Effects of Recreational Marijuana Legalization in Canada

All the numbers are not directly clear, it has been estimated that the recreational marijuana industry in Canada will exceed $20 billion dollars!

If you compare this to the market for beer, wine, and liquor, it is a larger market than all these combined!

For a country who loves money as much as the United States, this is going to be a staggering number to look at.

Whether we are talking about Amsterdam or Uruguay, it is clear that marijuana sales will stimulate the spending of money.

From a capitalistic viewpoint, this is great.

One of the largest impacts that the legalization of marijuana use in Canada will have in the United States is that US officials will have a clear look at the economic impacts.

If Canada shows signs of a stable industry, churning out revenue, it is hard to believe that the US will not want to follow shortly.

States such as Colorado, and now California, have already turned to marijuana sales to stimulate their economy and off-set previous debt.

It is likely the federal government will be extremely interested in the potential effects of recreational marijuana sales on our ever-growing national debt and deficit.

Social Effects of Recreational Marijuana Legalization in Canada

Other potential effects of the legalization of Marijuana in Canada are social, especially considering Canadians are already more open to cannabis use than those in the United States.

Canada has had a federal medical marijuana program for almost 20 years now, and they have been working on expanding it ever since.

Social implications of marijuana use include:

  • Use of Marijuana in the Workplace
  • Use of Marijuana Around Children
  • Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana
  • “Marijuana Tourism”

All these social implications play a massive role in the decision to allow for marijuana legalization, and it appears the United States is happy to watch how Canada manages all these issues.

Many of these issues have been studied before, but never on as wide of a scale as nation-wide legalization such as Canada.

Marijuana tourism is a very interesting social concept itself, and it is something most would believe the United States to fully love.

The US has always used tourism to stimulate its economy, and many states who are struggling to build big industries after the height of the steel and coal era could turn to marijuana as its new income source.

However, this much tourism can be hard to manage.

The city of Amsterdam, Holland, has been a tourist hot spot for years, largely due to its marijuana “coffeeshops” and “pot tourism” industry.

There will surely be many effects such as this on Canada after legalization, which will ultimately have a large impact on the policy of the United States going forward.