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Medical Marijuana Florida
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Our Medical Marijuana Doctors

When searching for a cannabis clinic or certified doctors in Florida who can prescribe medical marijuana.  Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors is your premier medical marijuana doctor. With locations across the state we provide quality service for our patients seeking medical marijuana as a treatment.  

How to Find a Medical Marijuana Clinic has been a leader and pioneer in the medical marijuana since the start of the Florida Medical Marijuana program. Our medical marijuana doctors will make sure first that your conditions qualify for medical cannabis legally. The State of Florida qualify conditions can be found on that page. State of Florida allows for use of medical marijuana or medical cannabis foo both High THC and Low THC for any qualifying conditions.

Once you review the qualifications, you then see a doctor who is qualified compassionate care doctor under Florida Laws. These doctors have taken the required cme classes in order to become medical marijuana doctors. Once you setup an appointment with our doctors, you should get your medical records from your primary doctor that pertains to the ailment your seeking treatment for.

Once your approved you can find a list of medical marijuana dispensaries in your area. Before you can go to the dispensary you will need State Approval and make sure the medical marijuana doctor has put your cert/script for medical cannabis.

Choosing a Medical Marijuana Clinic

Currently in Florida you can currently obtain medical marijuana legally by getting a qualified recommendation for a compassionate care doctor. Our medical marijuana doctors are not obligated to write you a recommendation for medical cannabis. If the doctor believes you would benefit from other treatments, they might refuse to give you a recommendation., has physicians in every major city in Florida. Our doctors are highly likely to write you a recommendation for medical marijuana especially if the other treatments you seek for pain, anxiety or other conditions consist of pharmaceutical drugs.  Our medical marijuana doctors believe in a holistic approach with medicine to treat certain ailments.

First step would be to contact one of our patient specialist who can go over the in and outs of the Florida Medical Marijuana program. If we believe you fit the guidelines for Florida medical cannabis program we can schedule a doctor visit at that time.  

If you have any questions regarding Florida medical marijuana program contact us