Medical Marijuana Use Throughout the World

30 Apr 2018 By

Medical Marijuana Europe
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In 2017, cbd gummies Uruguay became the first country to allow people to smoke marijuana wherever, and whenever.

Uruguay is not exactly the gold standard that other countries are going to idealize themselves after, but it still marked a shift in the global view of marijuana use.

Many countries will not be quick to ratify recreational marijuana, but medical use marijuana is picking up more steam all-around the globe.

Even perennially strict countries such as Poland and Turkey have begun to lighten their grip over marijuana use.

As 2018 rolls on, you are sure to witness many changes in the use of marijuana throughout the world!

Why are More Countries Accepting Medical Marijuana Use?

Although the connotation of “pot smoking” still holds the use of medical marijuana back throughout the world, there is little to no evidence that marijuana use is bad for anyone.

The World Health Organization has stated there are certain issues with “smoking” anything in general, but marijuana itself has shown nothing but medicinal promise.

Due to this, more countries throughout the world are expanding their own medical marijuana programs.

Health issues such as cancer, epilepsy, Tourette’s Syndrome, AIDS, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more have all shown to be improved through research on Medical Marijuana.

With this much evidence towards the benefit of using cannabis as a medicine, it is easy to see why more countries are adopting their own programs.

How Does Medical Marijuana Use Effect a Country’s Economy?

Many people understand the theory that marijuana can help to make a country (or state) a lot of money, but there is more to it than sales and revenue.

For many countries, particularly those in South America, accepting marijuana use (in any form) stimulates the economy and improves the social atmosphere of the country itself.

Even a simple but effective medical marijuana program can cut into the earnings of drug cartels, which inevitably makes for a safer living environment.

Along with this, a medical marijuana program also cuts down on arrests for non-violent drug offenses.

For example, the Washington Post reported that in 2016 more people were arrested for possession or use of marijuana than for murder, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery combined!

Not prosecuting productive citizens for simple drug offenses is a simple way to stimulate the economy.

For these factors and many others, more countries are looking into both medical and recreational marijuana use.

Which Countries Will Be Most Progressive with Medical Marijuana in 2018?

In 2018, it is likely that many countries throughout the world will improve or debut their medical marijuana program.

Two countries which are particularly active on the marijuana scene are Germany and Canada.

Canada has had an effective medical marijuana program since the year 2000 and has been adapting it ever since.

In 2018, Canada is scheduled to make marijuana use recreationally legal.

Although many countries are not expected to follow suit right away, Canada is often viewed as a well-running and high-functioning society throughout the world.

If Canada makes its way into the recreational market without any issues, it is very likely that more countries follow their example and start with a medical marijuana program.

Germany, on the other hand, only began their medical program at the end of 2016.

Germany has had issues with supply and cost since they adopted their medical marijuana program, but they are still pushing forwards.

Germany is a central figure in the landscape of the entire European Union, and many countries are expected to follow their openness to marijuana use.

Although there are many states in the United States with functional medical marijuana programs (and even some with recreational marijuana), it is not available everywhere yet.

In 2018; Oklahoma, Kentucky, South Dakota, Utah, and Missouri will all look to push their medical marijuana programs forward.

2018 has already been a very active year for marijuana avocation, and more is sure to come!