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In 2016 Florida passed the legalization of medical marijuana for the states residents. Since the inception of medical marijuana industry back in the mid 1990’s states across the county have been legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. Florida has a broad spectrum of medical conditions that you can qualify for a medical marijuana card with.


Florida List of Qualifying Medical Marijuana Conditions

If you are a Florida resident and dealing with any conditions listed below you could qualify for medical marijuana.

  • Any Terminal Illness
  • Like & Kind Conditions (Arthritis, Chronic Pain, IBS, Anxiety and many more….)

Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors has offices in Coral Springs. Our medical marijuana doctors are able to recommend a medical marijuana treatment plan that fits your condition. Medical marijuana can be an effect alternative way for treating aliments. If you like to find out if qualify for a medical marijuana card in Florida, click here


What to bring to your Medical Marijuana Appointment

 The State of Florida has some requirements in order for you to qualify for a medical marijuana card in Coral Springs. First you must be over 18 years of age, you must see a licensed cannabis physician, who will input you into the State of Florida registry and give you a recommendation.

When you come to your appointment you will need to bring proof of Florida residency. You can bring a valid Florida Driver License, ID Card, Voter’s Registration or Utility Bill. If you can try to bring your medical records which shows your medical condition that qualifies for Florida medical marijuana program. Please bring records that show a signature from the doctors or digital signature of the visit. If you cannot obtain these records, we can order them for you.

Florida allows for qualified medical marijuana patients to take their medical marijuana by routes. The routes allowed are as follows.

  • Inhalation (Vapor or Inhaler)
  • Sublingual (Tinctures, Drops, Concentrates)
  • Topical (Cream, Patches)
  • Oral (Currently Only Pills or Oral Spray)


Meet with One of Our Medical Marijuana Doctors in Coral Springs

It’s not easy in Coral Springs to find a medical marijuana doctor who you can feel comfortable with and understands the medical cannabis treatments. Our medical marijuana doctors have a wide range experience with alternative medicine. We are available throughout Broward County if you like to meet with one of our medical professionals fill out our eligibility form.


Florida Medical Marijuana Program